Bring your own hardware.
Or use ours.

Already have a computer or tablet in your business? Our web interface turns it into a player.

Deploying across multiple sites, or don't want to connect your computer to your amplifier? We sell a dedicated streaming device for $150 with free shipping, controlled from the web app.

The best background music solution for businesses large and small


Expert-Curated Playlists

Every playlist on is hand-built by our team of music experts. You can combine these into "mix playlists" for additional variety.


Promotional Messages

On our "premium" plan and above, our production team will record promotional messages for your business, which you control via the scheduling tool.

Brand Safety

No Explicit Lyrics

Every song on is screened for explicit lyrics. And we recognize that brands may draw the line at different points, so you can "dislike" any song and never hear it again.

Honest Pricing

No Hidden Fees or Term Contracts

Subscribe monthly and cancel online at any time.

Schedule music and messaging in advance

With our scheduling tool, you can apply a weekly music schedule to a single location or a group of locations, so your Sunday brunch service won't accidentally become a redux of Saturday '80s night.

And retailers can schedule recorded messages to announce sales and promote products.

Industry-Leading Support's US-based support team is committed to answering your call or email promptly, and we pride ourselves and providing fast escalation paths to executives and software engineers.


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