Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

In order to start your trial subscription, all you need is a username, password, business address, and payment information. After 30 days, your trial subscription will automatically become a standard subscription with no additional information required.

What if I want to cancel?

In order to cancel your subscription, you simply click the unsubscribe button in our admin settings. We also allow you to unsubscribe by email ([email protected]) or phone (415) 689-4234 if you prefer.

What if I want to switch service tiers after I sign up?

If you decide that you would like to change your service level after signing up, you can simply send a message online using your admin panel. This will automatically be changed online and a notification of the change will be sent to your administrator email address.

What kind of hardware set up do I need?

Unlike many other services, we do not require any purchases from us. Instead, you can use your computer, smart phone, or tablet to access your music. All we require is internet connectivity. You then need to connect an audio cable from your computer to your speaker system.

If you do not have a computer or mobile device in your business, or would rather have a dedicated background music device, also sells dedicated background music hardware for $74.95 including free shipping.

I'm currently a Muzak subscriber. How can I switch?

Many customers choose our service after switching from Muzak. If you own your amplifier, you can switch to simply by canceling your Muzak subscription and signing up for online. If you are leasing your amp and receiver from Muzak, you will need to return those to your Muzak representative, and is happy to reccomend a replacement amplifier. Generally, this amplifier costs approximately $200, a cost which is quickly offset by savings of switching to . And of course, unlike with Muzak, with you own your hardware outright and aren't locked into a long term contract.

What are the minimum computer requirements for ?

In order to access , you need an internet connection and an internet browser. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. We also support Internet Explorer 11 and newer. We recommend that you have a downstream internet speed of at least 500 Kbps.

Do I need to pay licensing costs for my store?

Your licensing costs are included in the your subscription to . We handle the licensing for you.

Is my password and payment information secure?

Yes, we take internet security very seriously. All payment information and authentication credentials are sent using end-to-end encryption, and your password is stored as a one-way hash in our database, so even we don't know the text of your password. Your payment information is encrypted and sent directly from your browser to Stripe, our payment processor. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available. Learn more.

What if I have more than one location?

We have an administrator panel, which allows you to control all of your locations from one screen. This includes payment information, permissions, and music. To see which plans offer this feature, check out our plans and pricing.

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