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Looking for a modern alternative to Muzak?’s premium music content, variety of stations, and affordability makes it a popular alternative to Muzak and other traditional in-store music providers. With no installation costs and a 14-day free trial, why not try your business's next music experience? Muzak
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Why to choose over Muzak

Technology has changed how America listens to music. Here at Overhead, we used our knowledge of streaming music technology to bring in-store music into the Internet age. When we learned about the issues that businesses faced with the traditional background music providers like Muzak, we realized that we could make a service that offered more variety, did not require special hardware, and could be more responsive to the individual needs of a business.

For example, we leverage modern streaming music technology to allow restaurant managers to schedule radio hits for lunch and classic rock for dinner. We allow multiple location retail chains to select different music for different locations all from their regional HQ. We even allow a promotional message for mimosas to be played in the morning and your specialty cocktail to be played at night.

We use the capabilities of streaming music to make licensed music accessible to everyone. We made sure that you could use our streaming technology with any computer, smartphone, or tablet already in your office (or one that has been relegated to a backroom closet). This means that businesses didn’t have to lock themselves into long contracts or lease any hardware from us. We also understand that though in-store music is our main focus, it shouldn’t need to be yours, so we are dedicated to providing real customer service that helps improve your experience with music and music companies. is the Muzak alternative that works on almost any device

The modern Muzak alternative

No Startup Costs offers you a free month to try our service. With no special equipment to buy, and the diversity of platforms that Overhead supports, it is completely free to get started on the best music service. It is completely risk-free to try with free online, email, and phone cancellation options.

Music You Love

Here at, we have all the hits you love from major recording artists. Our playlists feature all of the best music from the radio, concert halls, and your CD collection. Because we license from the world’s largest Performance Rights Organizations, we can play all of your favorite music online. If you don’t find what you are looking for online, just let us know and we will fill the gap in our programming.

Real Customer Service

You run a business with employees, customers, and inventory. We know you have a lot to do and the music you play is just one part in a complex environment. That is why we focus on providing customer support on your schedule in the method that is most convenient for you. Nobody on our support team is paid for upselling or retention. We are focused on ensuring Overhead works for you so you can email or call us without hesitation.

Unbelievable Features

Technology has changed how you run your business, shouldn’t your music provider do the same? We use our expertise in web technology as an opportunity to offer never-before-seen-features. With Overhead, it is possible to schedule the music for every one of your businesses from your HQ, on-site, and living room. It is possible to create your own playlists from many different stations to achieve the perfect audio brand. And it is possible to play promotional messages only when they are most appropriate.

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