• Unlimited music
  • 14-day free trial
  • Public performance licenses
  • Curated playlists
  • Use any computer
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per location
  • Basic and:
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Music scheduling
  • Multiple locations
  • Remote control from home office
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per location
  • Plus and:
  • Unlimited pre-recorded messages
  • Custom messages ($24.95/each)
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per location
  • Premier and:
  • Expert-curated playlist built for your brand
  • Dedicated account rep
  • Five custom messages for free
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Some questions our customers ask

Is there a free trial?

All plans come with a 14-day, no-commitment free trial. You can start your free trial without providing a credit card or other billing information. If you like the service, you can upgrade to a paid tier online at any time.

I don't want to dedicate a computer to this. Can you provide us with hardware?

We offer a dedicated device that connects to your existing amplifier and network. This device automatically connects to and is controlled remotely from our web interface.

Will this work on my computer?

Our player works in any modern browser on any Mac, PC or smartphone. Though we recommend Chrome or Firefox, our service is also optimized for the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Safari. Subscribers to Plus, Premier and Enterprise plans can also access the service on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Do I need a fast internet connection?

Our service does rely on a working internet connection, but your connection speed is rarely a concern. Our music requires an average download speed of 140kbps, so if you don't have problems browsing the web, you won't have problems using our service.