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Overhead.fm carries the public performance license for music ranging from the golden oldies to the latest hits. Our team of expert music curators organizes this library into playlists engineered to drive sales and keep customers and employees happy.

Want a custom sound? Our player allows every subscriber to combine our playlists like building blocks to create custom "mix playlists." Need even more customization? Subscribe to our Enterprise Plan to get a totally custom playlist built for your brand.

Our playlists

Adult Album Alternative

World-class rock from throughout the ages. This is the station for discerning listeners who want the best music the Rock genre has produced, spanning the classics like The Smiths and Elvis Costello through new artists like Haim and Cold War Kids.

Adult Contemporary

Ballads, anthems, and rock hits that everyone can hum (or sing) along to. Much of this music promotes a slower tempo for your client's in-store experience, but has plenty of energy. The music in this station spans from the 60's to today featuring hits from The Eagles, Adele, and Celine Dion.

Ambient Electronic

This section ranges from natural sounds to electronic but it is all fascinating and enchanting. Perfect for subtle audio at low volume to be simultaneously heard and not heard.

A Merry Modern Christmas

Modern Christmas hits and covers of Christmas classics. One or two original classics as well. Ideal for stores that want to have upbeat holiday music for all ages to enjoy. Happy Christmas!

An Instrumental Christmas

A mix of piano, smooth jazz, and classical renditions of popular Christmas cand holiday songs. The perfect holiday playlist for upscale restaurants, resorts and other venues.

Best of the 60s

Very possibly the most important musical decade ever. During this period of drastic cultural change, musical creativity was absolutely exploding. This cross genre period of experimentation included the British Invasion, Motown, psychedelic rock, The Monterey Pop Festival, and Woodstock.

Best of the 70s

This decade was the decade of disco along with funk and smooth jazz. Along with these developments, much of classic rock was created during the 70's. If you are looking for a wide variety of classic hits, add this to your audio branding.

Best of the 80s

The decade of pop, rock and heavy metal. Towards the end of the 80s hip hop started to play a major role as well. With this decade of music playing in your store, expect young adults to get a little misty eyed.

Best of the 90s

The middle of the MTV age, much of this generation of music is still on the radio in multiple genres, whether it be alt rock, pop, or contemporary R&B. And don't forget boy bands, which are making a comeback. This music is a miniature throwback that creates a comfortable environment with many recognizable favorites.

90s Pop Hits

Uptempo and upbeat music that will put a smile on your customer's faces. These tried and true hits are a fun throwback for your business without being outdated. After all, many of these hits still get significant radio play. Enjoy!

Christian Gospel and More

Some of the best sounds of worship and praise in one playlist.

Christmas Classics

Some of the great Christmas songs that are sure to put your customers in the holiday spirit. These are the tracks that are ssynonymous with drinking hot chocolate, presents under the tree, and keeping warm by the fire.

Christmas Hits

Modern takes on Christmas classics and the originals. Lots of traditional favorites from artists like Bing Crosby along with covers by today's singers like Idina Menzel and Michael Buble.


Great piano and instrumental pieces. Calming and welcoming music for your guests. Includes some of the best composers like Liszt, Chopin, and Mendelssohn.

Baroque Greats

The best Baroque classics from composers like Handel, Vivaldi, and Johann Sebastian Bach. Theis playlist brings these great compositions to life through the best orchestras, ensembles, and soloists from around the world. This diverse, soothing and engaging music will transport your customers into serene landscapes and enchanting ballrooms while they enjoy tyour refinedd retail or restaurant environment.

Classic Country

Mainstream hits from Country and Western spanning some pre-1960's music to modern country stars. This station is full of the most famous songs from the heartland, from artists like Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, and Willie Nelson.

Modern Country

Some of the latest and greatest country hits. This music gives your business a regional and approachable feel. This music is packed with the rhythm to help customers to move around your store with extra energy.

Classic Rock

The best rock bands ranging from the late 60's up to the 90's. Perfect music to encourage your adult customers excited to move around your store or order another drink. Want to rock?

Contemporary Christian

The best Christian rock and contemporary Christian. Inspirational music for faith-focused establishments and communities.

Crooner Classics

Great Crooner and Diva classics from the early days of the microphone through the 1950s. Famously emotional tracks are instantly recognizable across generations of customers.


This diverse folk playlist includes some of the cornerstones of American folk as well as hits from the modern folk era. Folk music has experienced a recent resurgence in America and the UK and this music will take your customers on a feel-good journey with the familar sounds of the small town and back country.

Guitar-Driven Indie Rock

Sometimes all you need is four chords and a guitar. Spanning the mid-2000s through today, this playlist is perfect for the skinny-jean wearing, PBR-drinking crowd.

Kids Hits

This playlist is filled with kid friendly from the 60's to today. Believe us though, the adults will be enjoying this selection as well. It is packed with fun songs that you can tap your foot or even sing along to!

Latin Hits

Some of the best spanish language pop. Lots of great current hits that will give your business a latin flavor.

Motown & Memories

Hits from the distinctive and era-defining artists like The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and The Supremes. This music will transport your customers and staff to a time of silky-smooth voices, young heartthrobs, and choreographed dance moves.


Fan favorite oldies! Perfect for diners, movie theaters, and restaurants. This upbeat playlist mixes recognizable mega-hits with fun ballads and beats from the 60's and more.


If you want your customers to be in a Caribbean state of mind, this station is for you. This multi-lingual station is all about good vibes.


This playlist is a curated mix of relaxing music that can fade into the background, but maintains the musical quality to be very pleasing to sharp eared clients and staff. Sometimes meditative, sometimes uplifting, and always built to your customers needs. This playlist does not feature any recognizable English-language lyrics and melodic vocals are infrequent. Largely acoustic music accompanied by electronic ambient tracks.

Singer Songwriter

Music from the best singer songwriters of today. Mostly acoustic music with heartfelt lyrics and simple melodies. Also includes some invigorating tracks to keep your atmosphere individual and independent.

Smooth Jazz

Music for everyone to enjoy. This music will stay in the background, while adding a friendly ambience to your business. This station is one that everyone can agree to.

Soft Rock

The music that everyone can agree on. It is perfect music to boost productivity, enjoy in line, or accompany your guest as they walk through your store.


Soul Hits and Singles

Spa Music

This playlist is designed specifically to be relaxing music that can fade into the background, but still has the range and quality to be stimulating when your visitors or staff focus in. Sometimes meditative, sometimes invigorating, but every song has your client's needs in mind. The music ranges from Chopin's Nocturnes to Kenny Endo's Japanese wood flute to traditional Celtic harp to keep everyone in the moment. This playlist does not feature any recognized english lyrics and melodic vocals are infrequent.

The Clean Hits Station

All of the best hits on the radio! This includes the clean versions of the best songs from Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop. You can't go wrong with this playlist, since people will recognize the music from their favorite television shows, movies, and the ride to your store!

Tiki Time

The music that makes anywhere feel like a beach. Perfect for anywhere where people can unbutton their collar and grab a margarita. If you are looking for a music station that spans Jimmy Buffett, Beach Boys and Bob Marley, it is definitely Tiki Time!

Upbeat Fun

Family friendly music that will make your customers happy. Brighten the mood of customers and your staff smile with fun hits from rock, pop, and more.

World Music

Tracks from the best traditional and contemporary folk music from around the world. Latin America, Africa, and more. This music transports your guests to foreign worlds.
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