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The best music for your business curates the best hit music from all genres into licensed playlists perfect for your business.

Your in-store brand transports your clients from their usual life to the cultivated experience of your store, restaurant, or office. offers music for every environment. From uptempo, popular hits to excite your customers to calming tracks that allow your clients relax in your lobby. was designed with businesses in mind. This means that we have features that allow you to schedule a variety of music playlists for different times of day and week. We also allow managers to control music remotely from their office computers. And of course, we do not lock you into contracts like many traditional in-store music services.

We offer a commercial-free music experience with options for your custom messages to promote products or services in your business. Your customers will never be distracted from their experience while shopping or eating. They can even be informed about your sales, new happy hour, or dinner special.

Since was built specifically for the way businesses are run today, can be played on any modern PC and Mac. We also offer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. If your business would like a dedicated device, we offer devices that can be leased or purchased for a fraction of standard competitors boxes.

Sound interesting? Sign up for a two-week free trial with no credit card required! provides music for business on many devices understands the music needs of businesses

Real Popular Music

We produce stations that are filled with the music your clients listen to at home, in their cars, and out with friends. We believe that the music people buy on CD or tune into on the radio is the type of music that will make them happiest when they are shopping, dining, and relaxing. That is why we fill every one of our stations with the best music out there from all the biggest names from Adele and the Beatles, to Yo-Yo Ma and Zedd.

Truly Free Trial allows you to try our service for 2-weeks without any commitment. No need to put in your credit card number, just your business info and email address and you are ready to start streaming great music into your store. Since we are set up to play on Mac, PC, iPhone and Android, you won’t need to purchase any hardware to play great music, so giving us a try is truly free.

No Term Contract

Music embodies freedom, and wants to play great music in your store. If we fail to provide a great service, you shouldn’t be locked in for months or years. When was first founded, it was largely in reaction to how businesses were treated by the existing music providers so we wanted to change the mold. No long-term contracts are required so you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Business Features

Do you want to have different music and different messages at different times during the day? You can do that. How about days of the week? You can do that too. How about controlling it all from your computer at the main office or at home? Yes, that is definitely possible. Do you want to give your managers different logins to control the music? We welcome that for free as standard. Do you want to order pro football tickets through our website? No, sorry, actually we don’t do that. But we offer loads of features designed for how businesses really play music.

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